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Get A Winning Smile Without the Hassle of Metal Braces

If you want a beautiful smile but don’t want metal braces, then you’ve found the right office! Dr. Claren Harmon in Carmel, IN is trained in providing clear aligners to do orthodontic movement to help straighten teeth without metal. We use the proven technology of Invisalign by Align Technologies to help create your perfect smile.

Do you feel insecure about your smile? Everyone wants straight teeth, but getting there can be such a hassle. Traditional braces, with their wires and brackets, can be unattractive and even embarrassing. If only there was another way to straighten your teeth…


Invisalign is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a different treatment option. With invisible and custom-made aligners made from flexible and clear plastic, Invisalign has the ability to shift your teeth and give you a winning grin without the unfortunate appearance of metal brackets. To get started, set up a consultation with Dr Harmon, a certified Invisalign provider, who will scan your teeth. Those scans will be used to create a customized orthodontic treatment plan. We use this information to create a digital image of your teeth that makes it possible to create a series of custom aligners that can move your teeth where you want them.

All those who are treated with Invisalign will feel some pressure, as well as mild initial discomfort when they first begin wearing their aligners. This is to be expected, but rest assured that the pain won’t last long. If you consistently wear your aligners, your teeth will move into place much quicker. The only time you’ll be need to take them out is for eating and drinking or cleaning your teeth.

Invisalign Care

When it comes to caring for your aligners, it’s important to note that your Invisalign technology needs to be cared for just like your teeth. Make sure to continue brushing and flossing your own teeth, as well as brushing and rinsing your aligners. Invisalign treatment should only contribute to your dental care in a positive way, so make sure that you’re keeping things clean.

Invisalign Timeline

Every 1-2 weeks you’ll switch out your old aligners for new ones as your teeth are moving. It is recommended that you have office visits about every 6-8 weeks so we can monitor your progress. This is a great chance to see how your teeth are moving into their ideal proper position, as well as a good time to get your next set of aligners. While most Invisalign treatments last about one year, it all depends on your unique situation.

Financial Options

If you feel concerned about the financial side of Invisalign, it’s important to note that there are monthly payment options available. Talk to our front office and ask what options are available for you.

Skip out on traditional braces that draw unwanted attention to your imperfect smile, by getting Invisalign clear aligners and significantly improve your experience. Schedule an appointment to talk to us about Invisalign today!

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